Joao Alves

Engineering Manager at IndeedFlex


Hi there 👋 my name is Joao and who am I? You might ask, so a little about me, my journey and this blog:

I’m currently an Engineering Manager at Hopin but my journey into this computing world started quite far back now.

I finished my masters in Computer Science and started my career as a Software Engineer back in 2009. I spent the first 5 years working back home in Portugal, developing Air Traffic Management Systems both in Java and C. I then moved to London in 2014 and started working in Android, which is has been my field since.

In early 2019 while at Babylon Health, I got the opportunity to progress my career and got promoted to Android Chapter Lead initiating my leadership journey. This eventualy led me to take an Engineering Manager role at Skyscanner. An adventurous journey joining a travel company in the beginning of 2020 at the start of the Covid pandemic, but still a very rewarding one where I was able to learn a lot and grow even more.

18 months later, came the decision to move back to Portugal as a family and another shift in my career. Despite my work for Skyscanner being fully remote given the circumstances, I had to go stay in the UK to continue in the business, so it was time to chase a new adventure.

Enters Hopin as the first full remote company I worked for that allowed me to continue my leadership journey and increase my responsbilities as well taking over more than 1 team under my belt.

Excited for the present and looking forward towards the future and what else I can learn and become in this amazing Tech world.

As mentioned above, I’m originally from Portugal, was living in London from 2014 to 2021, initially with my wife and our cat, and since November 2016, also with our son which keeps both us quite busy. In 2021 we decided to come back to Portugal and are now expecting a 2nd trouble maker to keep us even busier.

Other than technology (obviously 😁), I also love sports, both watching and practicing. Football (⚽️ not 🏈) for sure takes the biggest chunk of the watching and running the practicing. I also really enjoy reading/listening to books and writing both tech and non-tech content.

I decided to create this new website/blog to keep all my content together. Some of you might already know me from Medium, you can read here why I decided to move my existing content here and start writing here from now on, hope you’ll continue to follow and read some of my posts.