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Kotlin Playground — finish line

Posted at — May 9, 2018


Hi everyone. Welcome to article number 12 and last one of the Kotlin Playground Series. We got to the finish line. This is one doesn’t have any relevant content, it’s just a good bye and thanks for sticking around and reading all the articles and providing really nice feedback.

But I said my goal for 2018 was to write an article every 2 weeks so I have to stick to it, right? This one doesn’t really count, so today I also published the first article on my new series — London Tube Status App.

If you remember, the initial idea of Kotlin Playground was in the end to come up with an app, which didn’t happen 😃 or just a set of nice examples of how to use some Kotlin features, which hopefully you agree it happened.

So, rather than building that app on the same repo and continue sharing the story on the same long series, I decided to start a clean repo and a new series just to follow that journey.

So, this it for the Kotlin Playground. It was a pleasure to write all the articles, but it’s time for a new series. Thanks again for all the reads and feedback 👏👏👏 and hope to have you around for the new one as well. See you there 👋

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