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Kotlin Playground

Posted at — Dec 6, 2017


Ok Kotlin finally time to play a little. This is the start of my active journey with Kotlin actually doing something with it for Android. After a lot of articles read, a lot of videos watched and also going through some books now it’s time to actually build something with it.

The plan is to make a series of articles sharing my journey in trying stuff with Kotlin and Android. I think the ultimate goal might be to get a nice template project or a set of useful samples out of this, that anyone can easily pick up later and benefit from.

This is article zero and it’s basically just the introduction for the series. Below you can find the index for all the articles, and a list of nice resources including the link for the github project tracking the series.

And that’s it for today. Hope you can enjoy this series, the plan is to release an article every 2 weeks but let’s see how that goes 😃. If you like it give some 👏, and share your ideas and suggestions. See you in playground number 1.


  1. Android and Kotlin — basic Hello World
  2. Kotlin Syntax Part I — why am I excluded?
  3. Kotlin Syntax Part II — when did this switch happen?
  4. Kotlin data classes — enough boilerplate
  5. Parcelable in Kotlin? Here comes Parcelize
  6. Kotlin Sealed Classes — enums with swag
  7. Kotlin Static Analysis — why and how?
  8. Kotlin backend? Yes it’s possible
  9. Kotlin standard functions — just another guide
  10. Kotlin runtime checks — require and check
  11. Kotlin try-with-resources — use
  12. Kotlin Playground — finish line


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